Sia's New Video For "Fire Meet Gasoline" Is Super Hot, And Super Confusing

So many questions!!

Sia has become known for her abstract and enticing music videos as of late. Starting with the infamous "Chandelier" video featuring Dance Mom's Maddie Ziegler, the singer-songwriter has all of us anxiously waiting on the edge of our seats, rapidly setting Google alerts so we are first to know about her next release.

Well ladies and gents, the newest Sia video for "Fire Meet Gasoline" is here, and it features the German goddness Heidi Klum and Game Of Throne's hunk Pedro Pascal. With the casting of this incredibly hot and sexually-charged pair, it's a no brainer where the "fire" comes in.

In this video, Sia sticks to her dark approach that we've all become accustomed to, but there is no denying that this is not your standard "Sia" video. Clearly starting out as a lustful story between Klum and Pascal, there is a dramatic, albeit confusing, turn of events that lead to the couple burning down a house, committing a murder and leaving the scene of the crime in a Sia wig.

We love that Sia's videos always leave us wondering, but we were a bit disappointed to see a departure from using dance as her storytelling device. Perhaps she decided to switch it up after the controversy with her last video, "Elastic Heart."

Also, was anyone else thrown by the Heidi Klum bra product placement? Check out The Gossip Table's original report on this video's all-star cast.

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