Tiny Serenades T.I. and Baby Heiress on Stage, Now Fans Really Wish They'd Just Get Back Together

Is Xscape the only family having a "reunion" here?

The Xscape reunion is off to a very strong start. The ladies lit up the stage for the first time in years at the BET Awards and are currently keeping things rolling on tour. Last night, their tour touched down in Detroit and to cap off a phenomenal show, the ladies all brought their men on stage for a sweet serenade to their hit “Do You Want To?”

What had the streets talking was the surprise appearance of T.I. with baby Heiress in hand. Tiny looked stunning in a bedazzled fringe dress with strappy heels while T.I. was his usual dapper self in a crisp navy suit. While Tiny's focus was clearly on entertaining her baby girl, T.I. at one point tapped Tiny on the shoulder to whisper something in her ear. Afterwards, the estranged couple started holding hands and sharing a gaze. Some fans couldn't help but "oohh" and "awww" at the sight of T.I. and Tiny looking happy and dare we say, in love, just like they were in the good old days.

Fans got yet another treat when T.I. decided to loosen up that tie and perform his hit "Bring Em Out". Are we feeling the two-for-one fun? See footage of the show below.

Fan reactions to T.I. and Tiny's lovey dovey chemistry on stage were exactly what we expected: Get. Back. Together. Already!

This is an interesting turn of events, considering just a couple of days ago, Tiny had opened up about some co-parenting struggles she and T.I. were having. Tiny chatted with PEOPLE at Essence Fest over the weekend and when asked how co-parenting their 15-month old is going, she says they've hit a few bumps in the road. “It’s pretty good” so far, but we still fight over spending time with the baby.” She adds that things don't always go so smoothly when splitting time with their toddler. “[In the past] we’d just spend time together, but now it’s like, ‘I want her,’ ‘No, I want her.’ ‘Well, you better come to my house then.’” Perhaps all this complicated scheduling has made them reconsider wanting to be a family again...

After a heated discussion, T.I. and Tiny come to the conclusion that they have grown apart and are at peace with their decision to separate.