If These People Aren't Cast as Noah and Allie in 'The Notebook' Show, We're Done Here

Hey CW, are you listening?

By now you probably know The CW is developing a series based on The Notebook. And if you didn't, well, surprise. You're either ecstatic at the news or considerably contemplating how you can go on, because let's face it, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling were THE Allie and Noah. Picturing anyone else trying to live up to their epic performance isn't even physically possible. My heart and brain actually hurt trying rn.

I mean, people have died for them. OK, maybe not for them, but just like them. Plus, they've practically taught us everything we know about love. Not that I think Rachel or Ryan can or will ever be replaced -

But I suppose if it has to be done, these are actors we'd be OK with to do it, maybe.

For Noah:

Robby Amell

Because why TF wouldn't you want to stare at him once a week?

Dylan O'Brien

Bae would prob have to beef up for Noah's older years, but we'd love to see him rub some dirt on that sweet face.

Taylor Kitsch

Because we'd watch taylor build a house any day. Without or without that gorgeous facial hair.

For Allie:

Holland Roden

This little ladybug has the sweetness to pull at our heartstrings just like Allie did. And obviously, the hair.

Britt Robertson

Dylan O'Briens RL GF brings the feisty to keep up with Allie's cray ways. Plus, she's already worked with a N. Sparks project, so she's got this down.

Emma Watson

Because this is one classy bae. Saved the best for last, amiright?

Choose wisely, CW. Choose wisely.