First Dibs: What Did Jay Z Dish Out With Bill Maher?

What has Lady Gaga released on Facebook? Why did Death Grips fans trash the band's equipment? What does Icona Pop think of Robin Thicke's sultry "I Love It" cover?

  • Jay Z recently sat down with Bill Maher for an in-depth interview about his new album, his beef with Harry Belafonte and politics. Note: he is not happy about Harry Belafonte's comments about Beyonce. []

  • Lady Gaga has leaked even more lyrics to her new single, "Applause." She posted on Facebook:
  • "i stand here waiting

    for you to bang the gong

    to crash the critic saying:

    is it right or is it wrong?" [Facebook]

  • Lollapalooza has been a resounding success for most music fans, except for those of the band Death Grips. When Death Grips failed to show up for their set, fans stormed the stage and trashed their equipment. [Rolling Stone]

  • What does Icona Pop think of Robin Thicke's "I Love It" cover? "We love it," the duo said. "You wanted to go into a bedroom and make love." [MTV News]
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