Here's How Future's Net Worth Ought to Stack up Against Those Child Support and Lawyer Bills

Some serious math right here.

Future was spilling all of his tea on Twitter yesterday.

The rapper took to social media to vent about not being able to see his and Ciara's son as easily as he'd like. "This b-tch got control problems," Future wrote, adding that he typically has to go through lawyers to see Baby Future and claiming that he's paying $15,000 a month. Whether that's for lawyer fees or child support is unclear, but that comes out to $180,000 a year, which is four times what some people make. Perspective, man.

Here's the thing, people: Future has three more kids. TMZ reported in August 2014 that he was ordered to pay $2,800 a month for his oldest son. We don't know how much Future pays in child support for his two other children, but let's just say it's around the same. That would mean that Future probably pays around $23,400 a month for all four kids. That's $280,000 a year in child support/lawyer fees alone. Holy moly.

Before you start stressing, remember that Future's out there having "Rich $ex" and rapping about taking million dollar showers. He should be able to write checks with his eyes closed, so why is he complaining about a measly 15 grand a month? Just to be sure, we did some math by looking at his Instagram, lyrics and recent performances to see how his earnings and net worth stack up in comparison to these bills.

Welcome to Accounting 101.

He has hella jewelry.

Custom rings made by the same designer who made Ciara's $500,000 engagement ring. Cartier bracelets that are valued at around $6,000. He and Drake have a song together about how diamonds are actually dancing on them, so you know Future's jewelry collection is straight dollar signs. Let's just ball park and say he has about $700,000 in jewelry alone.

Including multiple Rolexes.

This Rolex here goes for at least 10 grand. Future has at least one other watch, so that's $20,000 right there.

$700,000 (jewelry collection) + $20,000 (watch collection) = $720,000

He carries a lot of cash.

Future's first baby mama once claimed that he carries $25,000 on him at all times, according to TMZ. He raps about taking a million dollar money shower in "F-ck Up Some Commas" and he is literally eating dollars in this picture. That's $1,025,000 in liquid cash for showers/sustenance.

$700,000 (jewelry collection) + $20,000 (watch collection) + $1,025,000 (petty cash) = $1,745,000

Buys expensive bags.

A Louis Vuitton Keepall will run you about $1,400 and an LV Runner backpack is about $2,500. That's $3,900 in total, BUT Future also raps about how he "bought that b-tch new Celine" in "Big Rings." A typical Celine bag is about $4,000, so let's say he's spent at least $7,900 on bags alone.

$700,000 (jewelry collection) + $20,000 (watch collection) + $1,025,000 (petty cash) + $7,900 (Louis bags) = $1,752,900

And don't forget the performance earnings.

Future performed at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, Streamy Awards, Hot 97's Summer Jam, OVO Fest and Made in America in 2015. (He's also currently on tour.) Let's just say that his performance fee is around $60,000. That would put his performance earnings from 2015 at $300,000.

$700,000 (jewelry collection) + $20,000 (watch collection) + $1,025,000 (petty cash) + $7,900 (Louis bags) + $240,000 (performances, not counting his tour) = $2,052,900

Basically, the dude has money. So why all the fuss, Future?

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