Chris Pratt's Trainer Breaks Down How to Get That Sexy Body

For those who saw Guardians of the Galaxy and thought Star Lord's face looked awfully familiar, but were thrown by his super-ripped body, your eyes were not deceiving you: that is Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation, both played by Chris Pratt! (Body on fleek.) To get Chris superhero ready, Marvel reached out to celebrity trainer Duffy Gaver for the challenge. An obvious choice, considering Duffy's other ass-kicking clients are Chris HemsworthChanning Tatum, and Scarlett Johansson, just to name a few. Duffy reveals that when he first met Pratt, he did not see a superhero at all. "When we got [Chris] he was very deconditioned and out of shape," he tells us. "When you start from point A, his point A was not good. But his point B was fantastic!"

Watch Duffy walk us through a full-body workout that will help get our bodies super toned, just like Pratt and his other blockbuster clients.

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[Photo Credit: Splash News, Marvel]