Sia Records A Stunning Version Of Bleachers' "Like A River Runs"

Sia owns the song with her unmistakable wail and unparalleled passion.

Jack Antonoff's new Bleachers EP, Like A River Runs, features a hauntingly beautiful version of the title track by none other than Sia. The song was originally included on Bleachers' debut album Strange Desire in the fall, but this new EP features Antonoff's reworked version of the track, as well a live recording and Sia's cover. Oh yeah, and a 15 minute conversation with a dream specialist. Catchy!

Ever the pro, Sia makes the song her own with her unmistakable wail and unparalleled passion. She takes the Bruce Springsteen-like melodrama of the original and builds it to a fever pitch with multi-tracked vocals and moody synth strings. It's majestic, mournful, and might just bring you to tears. Give it a listen!

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