Here Are the Levels of Crazy Donald Trump Supporters Have Reached

You’ve never ever seen ignorance like this.

-by Michael Arceneaux

As charismatic a character as he is and as successful a self-marketer as he’s proven himself to be, as a presidential candidate, Donald Trump, doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about most of time. Of course, that tidbit of information has done little to stop his status as GOP primary frontrunner since June 2015. Much of that is rooted in his supporters not knowing much either -- and having the nerve to be just as confident in their ignorance as their candidate. There are reports confirming that Trump’s supporters tend to be misinformed, but that doesn’t stop how frustrating it is to witness the stupid things they say and do.

Here is a reminder of how dangerous the minds of a Trump supporter can. Now, before a Democrat chimes in with applause, the other side has said some pretty stupid things, too. Say, the notion that President Bill Clinton was the first Black president. And for you establishment Republicans, never forget President George W. Bush. Okay, now that I’ve lowered everyone’s egos, let’s join together as one to mock Trump supporters.

1. "Next time, we might have to kill him."

Yes. This is what is going down at Donald Trump rallies. One of his insane supporters sucker punched a protester who was being escorted out of the venue. The guy who was attacked was roughed up some more by police. Of course, the attacker, 78-year-old John McGraw, sat down peacefully to watch his beloved candidate. To make matters worse, during an interview post his criminal act, McGraw boldly admits if he has another run-in with the protester he might have to escalate his criminal activities to murder.

2. "Being caught between a group of white supremacists and Black Lives Matter protestors contributed to my behavior..."

At a March 1st rally in Kentucky, some Trump supporters (on the order from the presidential candidate) repeatedly shoved a female Black Lives Matter protester to remove her from the venue. Among them was 75 year old Alvin Bamberger (old guy in the black hat and white shirt) a Korean War vet. Upon viewing his reprehensible actions, Bamberger issued an apology that included this strange reasoning for his actions. "Unfortunately my state of mind after being knocked down and hurt myself, and being caught between a group of white supremacists and Black Lives Matter protestors contributed to my behavior however, there is no excuse for my actions," he wrote in a letter to his local veterans union. I guess in his mind he was stuck in between a rock and a hard place and he decided to assault a woman as the solution. Sure, that makes sense.

3.“Go to Auschwitz”

Could someone please come get their Uncle Ned. Please. This crazy Trump supporter thought it was okay to order anti-Trump protesters to pack up and take their liberal-leaning behinds to a Nazi concentration camp. Yes, a camp that has been closed since 1945. Also, I highly doubt that anyone has ever in the history of evil sh-t voluntarily gone to a concentration camp on the not-so polite suggestion of a complete lunatic. But from the looks of that guy I'm certain he thinks he made an offer no one could refuse.

4. The Woman Who Thinks Donald Trump is Telling the Truth

Politifact awarded the campaign “misstatements” of the Trump campaign its lie of the year award. Why? Because Donald Trump is a damn liar. Some in the media have failed to flat out a lie by its name, which might be why this very energetic and seemingly unbalanced woman ever so passionately declared that Donald Trump is a walking truth serum. I guess, girl.

5. The Guy with Really Selective Hearing

This man who heard Donald Trump say he would be looking at Muslims and proceeded to deny it on national television. Last September, a Trump supporter appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 and pretended to be deaf and dumb. Well, he pretended to be deaf. Need I remind y’all that months later, Trump flat out said he would stop Muslims from entering the country as president.

6. White People Get Blamed for Everything

A month ago, veteran Republican media consultant Frank Luntz organized a three-hour session featuring Trumps supporters. Among many of their numerous statements about why they supported that guy from that TV show, one of them claimed that under President Obama, everything is “our” fault. She means white people. “We’re the bad guy under Barack Obama,” complained the Trump fan. “It’s always our fault.” Really? I don’t recall Obama rounding up all the white people - including family members - to blame all of America’s problems on them before telling them to cut a switch.

7. Diamond and Silk for Donald Trump

Trump swears that he has a great relationship with “the Blacks” despite his past racist commentary over the Central Park Five and once being sued by the Justice Department for not renting to Black people. But, hey, he’s friends with Russell Simmons (or was anyway) and Diamond and Silk, aka those crazy Black aunties from YouTube who claims to be Trumps Black supporters. To Trump’s credit, he did tell those yokels, “I hope you’ve monetized this.” I don’t respect it, but that was a 100 emoji moment.

8. Donald Trump is Like You and Me

Frank Lutz did a separate focus group of Trump supporters in New Hampshire last July to find out what exactly the root of his appeal is. One of the people there, Janet, a former dog breeder, claimed, “He's like one of us. He may be a millionaire, which separates him from everybody else, but besides the money issue, he's still in tune with what everybody is wanting.”

On what planet is the child of a wealthy man who went on to build even more wealth through fame and a dubious at best knack for testing the limits of bankruptcy laws like “one of us.” Then again, who is “us?” I don’t rock white sheets and think fondly of the days of Hitler-like nationalism.

9. Trump, The Dragon Slayer

Do I really have to explain why this is stupid?

10. Trump is an inspirational figure.

Someone actually said the following: “He will expect greatness from us, he will tell us how to get to great, he will inspire people to be better than they are and have the hope that their efforts will not be thwarted by bigger government.”

11. You Cannot Rape Your Spouse Guy

Michael Cohen, a Trump Organization executive vice president and special counsel to Trump, argued that “you cannot rape your spouse.” My head hurts from all of the stupid tucked into five words.

12. “So what? They’re Muslim.”

Trump’s national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, is a special kind of person. By special, I mean nonsensical. Note: I’m only saying nonsensical because the phrases that first popped into mind wouldn’t be publishable here. She wears necklaces made of bullets so clearly she’s not of the most sound mind. To wit, when asked about Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims from entering the country, she said, “So what? They’re Muslim.”

13. Twitter Fingers Squad

Skim Trump’s timeline and see what he retweets. Then be afraid.