Jackie Christie Recalls How Her Relationship With Doug Almost Never Happened

"20 girls were around."

Long before Doug Christie celebrated two decades worth of marriage, with his wife Jackie Christie, he had a tough decision to make. Basketball Wives LA star Jackie Christie recently sat down with Amber Rose for VH1's "14 Days of Love," series to recall the first time she met Doug. It may be hard to believe but at one point, the strong-willed Jackie was up against quite a few groupies other women, who were shooting their shot at the charismatic NBA player. Doug had to choose the right one and the way Jackie remembers it, he made the right choice.

"A mutual friend of ours, Steven Taylor, wanted us to meet. He was at a sports bar [with Doug]. He said, 'Just come over here.' I flew over and 20 girls were around Doug, and I was like, 'Nope!' So I left and then he came outside and we met and we were just, together after that."

And as they say, the rest was history!