10 Ways the Grammy Awards Failed Us This Year

Tori Kelly was not impressed. Neither were we.

Was it just us, or did Monday night's Grammy Awards really suck? The bloated special spilled over three hours and contained way more cringe-worthy than slay-worthy moments. People were either really angry--*cough* Taylor Swift *cough*--unimpressed or simply absent in general. That mixed with noticeable audio issues, mismatched tributes and abrupt cancelations made the Grammys a royal disaster. We're not sure if everyone was high or what, but something was in the water last night. And it wasn't good. Allow us to break it down:

No one was there.

Where was Nicki Minaj? Drake? Um, BRITNEY SPEARS? Beyoncé emerged from her jeweled canopy for five seconds to give out an award to Bruno Mars, but that was it. You know things are bad when Jennifer Lopez--the queen of crashing awards shows she has no business at--ditches an event that actually makes sense for her to attend. There was probably an Illuminati convention or something.

Rihanna canceling her performance the day of the Grammys.

And blaming it on "bronchitis." K, that's cool.

And Lauryn Hill also not performing.

Because the Grammys screwed up and said she was going to but never confirmed it. Miseducation, you know?

The sound issues were more than annoying.

Adele sounded off. Justin Bieber scream for a little bit, and it was awkward. Were all the Grammys audio people doing shots or something? Sloppy and unacceptable.

People were snubbed during the In Memoriam segment, as per usual.

Like Clarence Reid, Dale "Buffin" Griffin and A$AP Yams...whose mom was in the damn audience.

The tributes were either too short, weird or straight trash.

The Run-DMC homage was maybe two seconds. WTF were modern pop stars part of the Lionel Richie tribute? Annnnd Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire deserved a much bigger moment. The Lady Gaga tribute to David Bowie was dope, though.

Taylor Swift won Album of the Year over Kendrick Lamar, which is whack in itself.

And then she got passive aggressive.

They used a 12-year-old piano protégée, Joey Alexander, to promote anti-piracy.

As in a child. A CHILD.

Someone let Pitbull and Robin Thicke close the show.

And Sofia Vergara did her best to remind us of that time Vivica A. Fox randomly danced on stage at an award show with Lil Jon (???).

Also, Johnny Depp did this.

I need to go home now.

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