Thanksgiving's 10 Most Thankful Songs

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Thanksgiving is here and you’re no doubt already feeling thankful, for getting the day off from work! Later today you’ll be stuffed to the gills on turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and washing it down with spiced wine and spiked eggnog and then the reality will sink in. You’re stuck here. With your family, who you love to death but who drive you crazy with their non-stop questions about whom you’re dating, why you didn’t get that promotion, why do you still live in that crappy neighborhood, when are you going to settle down and have kids and on top of that you’re really, really, really, uncomfortably full.

In case you need a reminder of why to be thankful or just some sonic inspiration to get you through the day we've pulled together the most thankful songs from pop, rock and hip hop for your listening pleasure. So enjoy the tunes, don’t eat too much, and remember Thanksgiving only comes once a year so it’ll be awhile before you see your family again. Unless you celebrate Christmas which means you’ll see them again in a few weeks. In which case, have another glass of wine.