Bambi Says Erica "Plays This Role As If She's So Innocent" & Calls Rasheeda "Queen Of The Cattiness"

"For some reason, Erica really has a problem with me even though she knows how her daughter feels about me and she knows that I never hurt her daughter."

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Let's talk about Laudie's music video, why did you feel like it was something you couldn't share with Scrappy?

Bambi: Well, okay, so before I met Scrappy I had done a few music videos and I have been in a few independent films and doing stuff as an actress. When I got in the relationship with Scrap, since he was the first person I had been in a serious relationship with in this industry, it was just kind of hard because I know he's a rapper, he's an artist, so I wanted to give him that respect of basically me not working [in videos] and doing something that I had been doing before I got with him. I wanted to give him that respect but then as our relationship started going on it was like, "Okay, well I'm holding myself back I'm not doing some of the things that I've been doing and so I'm just gonna go ahead and do it," but mentally I just wasn't prepared to share that with him because I had discussed with him before, that I wouldn't do that.

That you wouldn't do any more music videos?

I wouldn't do music videos with other artists, just out of respect for him. He's an artist and it's just like you don't want your girl all up in another guy's video and I get that but at that point I was frustrated and I'm just like, "I'm gonna do me."

Was there any part of it that was intentional? Like, was there any part of you that was trying to hurt him?

I wasn't trying to intentionally hurt him. I was frustrated and I was just doing something [for me] and I didn't necessarily think that, "Okay, I'm doing this to hurt him" but I'm just like, "Okay, I'm gonna do whatever I want to do, and of course he's going to see it but when he sees this, he'll see it" and that was just me kind of being immature at the moment and not really thinking everything through.

What was your reaction to Tammy bringing Rasheeda to your screening since she's your close friend? Were you worried about Rasheeda seeing the screening?

Well, I know Tammy and Rasheeda to be friends and I didn't really think it was that big of a deal that she brought Rasheeda along because, Tammy, I don't think she was intentionally being messy but I don't think she probably knew Rasheeda too well, you know what I'm saying? Me and Tammy, we have our own relationship and she has her own relationship with Rasheeda. The relationship I have with Tammy is totally different like we kind of act like guys and she brings Rasheeda along who's king of, or queen of the cattiness, so you know it just stirred up a whole bunch of stuff and it is what it is.

When you saw the episode, what was your reaction to seeing Rasheeda and Kirk talk to Scrappy in the studio?

Well, when I saw that I was like, "Wow, Kirk" because when he was going through all his real-life drama in the hot tub doing what he was doing, I actually was the one person who tried to have his back and was like, "Well, you know it wasn't as bad as it looked." I was kind of sugar-coating that situation a little bit, just because I don't really like to get into other people's relationships. You know, they're married so I just took a totally different approach and at the time of course Rasheeda was pregnant and everything and I knew how, I could imagine how she was feeling at the time, so just by me being there and then when people asked me after the fact I'm like, "Well he was there and they got a little turnt up but you know." Basically, I just kind of sugar-coated it a lot, and for him to go [to Scrappy about] me about something that was clearly a music video and fake, it was just kind of shocking.

What changed between you walking out of that studio and you making up on camera while you were taking a walk?

I thought about it, I cooled down, I thought about how many sacrifices Scrappy definitely has made for me in this relationship. Things hasn't happened as fast as I would like them to but he has been making a lot of progress, especially with everything he has going on in his life so I think I kind of showed my frustration at the wrong time. I could have held it to myself a little bit longer to help him go through everything he was going through but I just hit like a real breaking point so after that whole situation I had a chance to think about it and I apologized to him because you know it wasn't right, the things that I did. Just me, just, I know everyone's entitled to go through their own emotions and all that stuff but I could have held it together a little better for him.

Do you feel that other people getting involved made it more than it was?

I definitely thinking other people getting involved made it bigger than it would have been. I eventually would have told him and I think it was kind of embarrassing for him to have his friends come in and report back to him that I had been to a party and did a music video and all these things because I don't know how I would feel if I find out stuff about Scrappy, and we're living in the same house together basically. So that was kind of embarrassing the way he found out so I do feel bad for that.

How has your relationship changed since this incident? Has Scrappy been more supportive in your endeavors?

He is definitely more supportive. I've been working a lot more since then but a lot of it has not only to do with him and him being so needy but it's just me and something I've learned about myself in these past few weeks is that I kind of thrive on the fact that he needs me so much so I kind of need to be needed so I've just been kind of meld myself to just, cause the things that I do for him for the most part are for me. I want to do all these things for him, so now he's just being more independent and so we're both able to focus on our careers a little bit more because we're not so up under each other like we were in the beginning.

What is your relationship with Erica Dixon like today? Will you ever get along?

For some reason, Erica really has a problem with me even though she knows how her daughter feels about me and she knows that I never hurt her daughter. I just feel like if a woman was spending as much with my child as I spend with Emani, that I would have to respect that woman because I'm waking up in the morning, combing her hair for school, cooking her breakfast, dinner, doing homework, and all of those things. I've never had a problem with Erica or disliked her until she started saying things like me and Scrappy were messing around when they were engaged. So as soon as she started putting those little things out there, it just kind of made me dislike her a little bit but the way she feels about me, I have no idea where it came from and at this point, I don't think we'll ever be able to be in the same room anytime soon.

I've seen you defend Scrappy and him being a good father on Twitter.

Yeah, well me and Scrappy have been together over two years now and like a lot of people don't really get to see, I don't really mean to like trash [Erica] like that but she's been with at least like four guys since me and Scrap have been together and like she plays this role as if she's just so innocent when that's definitely not the case. So, I just really hope everything works out in the best interest of Emani because right now she's being really childish and it's just kind of ridiculous and it's all because she dislikes me so much because Scrap has been with other girls throughout the course of Emani's life, he had another relationship that he was in for like five years so I'm sure they had issues then as well but right now it's just to a whole other level and I guess that's just because you know I'm pretty sure she's jealous of the situation but why, I don't know because she supposedly has moved on and has a new boyfriend so why you so mad still?

Scrappy posted on Instagram that he hasn't seen Emani. When's the last time you saw her?

We have not seen her, it's been like almost a month now.