Black Twitter Roasts Light-Skinned Nefertiti Statue Unveiled On The Today Show

Next time someone builds a bust of Ancient Egyptians, historians, anthropologists and Black Twitter should be consulted.

Josh Gates, in promotion of his new special on the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, stopped by the The Today Show to show off a newly completed bust of Nefertiti based on the DNA remains of the HBIC. Unfortunately for Mr. Gates and The Today Show, their Twitter mentions were flooded when Black Twitter saw a clip of the unveiling and something seemed a Why would Black Twitter roast someone for highlighting Black history? Well have a look for yourself.

Josh was so excited to debut his surprise on The Today Show.

Please note that Hoda Kotb, an Egyptian American, even did a double take.

The timing was less than ideal.

Let's be clear, it's not her face structure that has people up in arms.

Twitter provided a plethora of examples. From Iman in Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" video.

To images from the deep cuts of actual Egyptian history.

I mean, seriously...