12 Times Jay Z Partied Like It Was His Birthday In Music Videos

-By Chris Carpenter

Jay Z has done so many glorious things during his 45 year stay on planet Earth. First off, he's crafted two of the best hip hop albums of all time —Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint. But he's also declared death to Auto-Tune, retired and then un-retired, professed his love for New York (the concrete jungle where dreams are made of), and most recently got drunk in love with his queen, Beyoncé. Though today is his birthday, Jay Z has already attended thousands of extravagant parties – and seemed to enjoy the naughty ones the best. Luckily for mankind, they all happened to be filmed in various music videos. Enjoy the 12 times we really wanted to party with Hova.

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The Psychedelic Party

“(Always Be My) Sunshine” Jay Z ft. Foxy Brown and Babyface

Because dancing inside a psychedelic Rubik’s Cube should happen at least once during every human’s lifetime.

The Party With Choreographed Dancing

“I’ll Be” by Foxy Brown ft. Jay Z

At times Jay looked all, “There is an overwhelming amount of battle dancing going on here.” Nevertheless, Foxy Brown and Jay Z’s soirée was definitely more badass than the Bar Mitzvah that probably took place at the venue the previous weekend. Also, Foxy namechecked her na na a lot.

The Yacht Party

“Big Pimpin’” by Jay Z ft. UGK

In one of the most notorious party videos of all time, Jay and his nautical buds Damon Dash and UGK, cut loose on the largest yacht ever constructed and poured Cristal on partygoers. Because, like, money doesn’t matter. Later, the crew took over the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and threw money at people. Big pimpin’, indeed.

The Penthouse Party

“Is That Your Chick (The Lost Verses)” by Memphis Bleek ft. Missy Elliott and Jay Z

A penthouse party with Timbaland and Missy Elliott—oh, and a private lap dance in a Range Rover? Uh… Jay, can you give us a call when a repeat of this evening is scheduled?

The House Party

“I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)” by Jay Z

As a self-proclaimed pimp by blood (not relation!)—Jay packed a mansion worthy of an MTV Cribs episode with a bevy of beautiful models. Famous friends like Lil’ Kim and Jermaine Dupri also showed up to do things like drink champagne and make out with strangers in a walk-in closet.

The Jungle Party

“Fiesta (Remix)” by R. Kelly ft. Jay Z and Boo & Gotti

Hov and Kells (uh, and two dudes named Boo & Gotti) retreated into the depths of a party-friendly jungle to turn up in a tropical bungalow. Kells dressed himself in floral print everything—while partygoers drank from coconuts and were entertained by exotic dancers.

Love In The Club

“Excuse Me Miss” by Jay Z ft. Pharrell

While vibing with a brood of thirsty looking vixens in an upscale nightclub, Jay got so super distracted by a sexpot wearing a crocheted gown that he spent the remainder of the party fantasizing about buying her new cars and a fur coat. Because a crocheted gown isn’t practical in Manhattan.

Another Party With Dancers

“Can I Get A…” by Jay Z ft. Amil and Ja Rule

Jay took over a night spot with a bevy of backup dancers—oh, and Ja Rule showed up too.

The Mediterranean Party

“Show Me What You Got” by Jay Z

Prior to partying in another mansion stacked with beautiful people, Hova spent the day riding shotgun in Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Ferrari F430 Spider and raced Danica Patrick throughout Monaco.

The Roc Party

“Roc Boys (And the Winner Is...)” by Jay Z

Okay, so the ending of the party got super dark and pretty vague. But before apparent mobsters caused a cliffhanging ruckus at his 40/40 Club, Jay celebrated with his mogul friends Nas, Rick Ross, Mariah Carey, Diddy and Cassie (?!).

The Jet-Setting Party

“Hey Papi” by Jay Z feat. Amil and Memphis Bleek

Jay’s favorite kind of party is a mansion party surrounded beautiful women. Duh. But this one time, Hova stepped it notch when he partied in a private plane on the way to the mansion. Oh, and he also cozied up with Pam Anderson in a private car.

Partying With Hundreds of Women

“Girls, Girls, Girls” by Jay Z

Because partying with hundreds of ‘girls, girls, girls’—one of them being Carmen Electra—are what bucket lists are made of. Well played, Hov.

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