Angel Brinks Decides To Stop Playing Nice And Lets Jackie Have It In This 'Basketball Wives LA' Sneak

"She definitely owes me an apology."

If we hear about this dress one more time...

Angel Love and Jackie try to hash out their beef from the party, but Angel Brinks jumps in and goes awf in this Basketball Wives LA sneak peek. During Brinks' event, Jackie, well, Jackie'd, leaving loose ends to tie with Love. As Jackie explains to Love why she was so erratic, Brandi, Duffey, and Malaysia can't help but laugh. Jackie decides to complain about Brinks' design (again) and her personal insecurities causing Angel to snap. In an "I've had enough moment," Angel goes TF off on Jackie leaving the rest of the girls wondering, "Who is this girl and what did she do with Angel Brinks?"

Glad to see Angel got this one on her own! Don't miss an all new Basketball Wives LA, next Sunday at 8/7c!