Laura Govan Claims Her Sister Gloria Slept With Her Ex-Husband, Says She Feels "Hurt" Family Doesn't Believe Her

Talk about sisterly love.

In an attempt to get Iyanla to fix her life, Laura Govan drops a bomb accusing her sister of sleeping with her ex-husband and says she's hurt her mother doesn't believe her.

On last weekends episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, Iyanla jumped right into the discussion when she sat down with the former Basketball Wives star and her parents. In asking their thoughts on the messy situation of a divorce, Laura's mother (also named Gloria) says, "I believe he manipulated her in a lot of ways. I believe he'd have other friends...other women, other friends." Hearing that, Iyanla says for them to call that out as it is, deceit and betrayal. When asked, "Did you know that [Laura] thinks that [Gloria] slept with [Gilbert]", mama Gloria replies, "Yes, I don't believe it." Why? Because according to her, she asked Gloria who, like Gilbert, has denied these allegations.

In a later segments, Laura explains that the reason she even joined the cast of Basketball Wives was because she was angry and bitter. Although she has four children with Gilbert, Laura expresses that she still felt lonely, a feeling that continued even after the cameras stopped rolling. Watch the clip below.

Gloria Govan is currently dating former Knicks coach Derek Fisher and has twin boys with Golden State Warrior's Matt Barnes. Gloria nor Gilbert have yet to comment on these allegations.