Blue Ivy's Latest Dance Video Proves She's Definitely Got Her Parents' Star Power

Dance skills on ?

At only five years old, Blue Ivy Carter has already proven her superstar potential. So far, we know she can spit a hot 16 as well as keep a whole squad of dancers in formation just like her mama. And in case you needed more convincing, the latest video of BIC proves she's mastered all of the latest moves and she's definitely not the one you want to challenge to a dance off.

In a video that recently surfaced, Sir Carter and Rumi's big sister followed along flawlessly to the instructional dance song “Just Do It” by The Execs. In the footage, you will see her Hitting The Folks, Milly Rocking and doing the whip like she basically invented these steps.

Go off Little Miss Carter!

GET IT BLUE!— MEFeater Magazine (@mefeater) July 21, 2017

Honestly, it's only a matter of time before Blue Ivy blesses the streets with an original dance craze of her own. And when she does, forget about it! The clubs will never be the same.

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