This Week On 'MAD MEN': Betty Matches The Curtains With The Drapes!

Toward the end of last season of Mad Men, we were left with an image of two dogs making sweet, sweet love as Peggy watched from her window, mortified.

These are the kind of moments I cherish from this show. With that said, Sunday night’s premiere did NOT disappoint. It brought MANY awkward, WTF, and #BettyWhatTheHell moments that I hope you will cherish too.

I spent the season premiere dressed up in 1960’s garb with a nice cocktail. It was amazing.

10. Don gets jealous of a local Hawaiian who gets a little close to his 20-something wife Megan.

9. Megan and Don smoke some Maui Wowie.

8. Fat Betty RETURNS and talks about rape, dope, and almost hooks up with a 15-year-old girl. #BettyWhatTheHell

6. Peggy takes charge and shows her BIG BALLS!

5. The Mysterious Lighter is a re-occurring character throughout the whole episode. What does it all mean??????????

4. A lot of the guys at the office grow out their facial hair.

3. Betty re-decorates and matches the curtains with the carpet.

2. Roger gives his daughter a jar of pee water from the River Jordan.

1. Don hooks up with Velma from Scooby Doo!

See you next week for another MAD MEN RE-CAP!