Last Lap: Is Jarvis Challenging His Next Guest To A Dance-Off?

Why did Alec Baldwin get arrested? Emma Roberts knows how to ward off ghosts, and we get to see what real people think about today's most talked about celeb story.

  • Is an elevator really a big enough space to bust out into a pirouette? For Jarvis, it definitely is! Find out what our host is up to during our next episode of Jarvis In The Elevator, tomorrow at noon on
  • And while you're anticipating Jarvis' next celebrity interview, find out what happens when he asks bystanders about this week's biggest celebrity scandal.
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  • Alec Baldwin was reportedly arrested in New York City. Photos of the actor show him handcuffed and being led into a police car, as he was apparently detained for riding his bike the wrong way on the street. [Huffington Post]
  • Ever think a scary ghost is trying to add chaos to your home? Emma Roberts has a trick that just might work, especially if your ghost happens to be in New Orleans.[MTV News]