Double Down On Classic Zakk Wylde Clips From 'That Metal Show'

The Ozzy and Black Label Society guitar god sounds of in a pair of master metal moments from Season 5.

Our November tour of That Metal Show’s video vaults continues with two killer clips of Zakk Wylde from Season 5. Raise your bullseye air guitars and rock as the legendary guitar lord who played with Ozzy Osbourne and head ups Black Label Society tears it up, TMS-style.

First up, The Berserker sounds off on the all-important topic of his own personal headbanger hygiene. Have you ever wondered how long Zakk Wylde has gone on the road without taking a single shower? Watch and find out (and be glad the clip’s not in Odorama).

Next, the Wylde man suits up TMS co-hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine, and Don Jamieson with their very own signature Black Label Society battle vests. One size definitely (and hilariously) does not fit all in this case—prompting a BLS fan in the audience to awesomely come to the rescue.

Be sure to come back tomorrow, too, for another headbanging blast from the TMS past!