The Tweets are Talking: Val Kilmer's Cryptic Tweets About Cate Blanchett Have Fans Scratching Their Heads

When Twitter Fingers turn to full on "WTF is going on here?!"

We hope Val Kilmer and Cate Blanchett are secretly friends in real life, and major fans of trolling, because Val is out of con-troll. Recently the 57-year-old actor took to his Twitter to express his obsession admiration for the 47-year-old actress and was oddly enthusiastic about it. The only problem is she's married... like, very married. Val even kicked off #CateGate by tweeting about the star's husband of 20 years, Andrew Upton:

What does that even mean? Did Cate send her husband to meet with Val as her decoy? Whatever the case may be, it's clear that Val is a fan of the "zoom in" feature, per his very in-your-face selfie.

But Val's weird Cate-fessions didn't stop there. Along with flying halfway across the world for his favorite girl, the Batman Forever star also retweeted and co-signed a fan's nomination for Cate as their #WCW ("Woman Crush Wednesday"). Kilmer then went on to reveal how his former The Missing co-star makes him feel, especially when she's not even trying:

So why is Val so gung-ho for the married mother of four? Well, we're not entirely sure, but it may have something to do with Cate's grade-A personality:

And if you're waiting for Cate to make her social media move, don't hold your breath. Home girl doesn't even have Twitter. Hmm... and the plot thickens!

How would you feel if your co-worker was a huge fan of your work and well, just about everything else about you, and took to social media to celebrate you?

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