Ice Cube and Eve Spill the Tea on Hip-Hop Hairdos (and Don'ts) in This Hilarious Video

Attention children: Stop shaving words in your hair!

Hip-hop continues to push hairstyle boundaries, which you'll see when you check out Barbershop: The Next Cut (due out April 15). However, for every iconic 'do to come out of hip-hop, there is a tragic trend we all would rather forget.

The Next Cut stars Ice Cube and Eve paired up with VH1 to give y'all the lowdown on what not to do when it comes to hip-hop hairstyles. And the tea is piping, ladies and gents, so drink up.

The big picture? Make sure your hair is small enough to fit in your car, and stop shaving words on the side of your scalp! Use your words--or, if you're in hip-hop, lyrics. You'll save yourself from some cringe-worthy pictures down the line.

Watch Cube and Eve's lesson in the video above, and check out the flick this weekend.