We See You, Sis: 'Black Ink Crew''s Charmaine Really Did Make Her Movie Debut

Salute, queen! One step closer to that dream.

Charmaine Johnise's dream of making it to the big screen is now a reality! In Mollywood the movie, Charmaine plays a sassy, not-with-the-bull bar maid who is all about that coin. (Swipe right.)

In the second clip, we see a sprinkle of Char's personality come through with that "ten toes down" attitude. If you recall, during season three of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Charmaine was told that the producer himself, Morocco Vaughn, requested that she be in the film.

Her first day on set was rough (Nikki was over it) but we're happy to see that Charmaine got it together to get the job done.

The film also stars Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's Waka Flocka and Phor's producer, London on da Track. Granted: Charmaine has a small role but it's dope that she has an actual IMDB credit now.

Well, how do you think she did? Sound off in the comments below!