Heavy Metal Kids: 10 Youngsters That Shred Harder Than You Ever Will!

Ah, the musical child prodigy. In times of old they toiled away, honing their chops in obscurity or being paraded around like Mozart by his Father, showing off their skills to entertain the royal houses of Europe. Nowadays Mom and Dad bust out the smart phone and upload videos to Youtune for the amusement of the masses in the hopes of going viral.And what better vehicle of your abilities than the shred-tastic, million notes an hour of high octane heavy metal lead guitar playing? Whether they discovered the music on their own or were force fed it by their parents, today's kids have instant access to instructional videos and guitar tablatures via the intenet and are making good use of it. Many a  grown up guitar player has been humbled by these pre-teen virtuosos and with good reason. We've put together some of the most noted Youtube baby shredders for your viewing pleasure and if anything these videos display that