This Week On 'Mad Men': Don Draper Vacations At Camp Comeoniwannalayya

This week’s Mad Men had a lot of eating; a lot of tables and of course a lot of drinking and making out. Sexual tension was all around, while Don got around, like always. Betty makes a great appearance, Joan goes on a beach date with Bob and Peggy stabs someone! Let’s get groovy together and check out the top ten moments from Mad Men!

Here we go!

10. All the men at the office have a roundtable conversation about butter.

9. After Peggy and her boss discuss the kiss they shared a few weeks ago, there is some serious sexual tension.

8. Peggy gets tough and turns into Rosie the Riveter.

7. Don and Betty look at a map to get to Bobby’s camp.

6. Megan’s lady boss wants a lady kiss! Megan resists, but I think she liked it, what a tease!

5. Joan, Roger, and Bob are trapped in an awkward love triangle.

4. Roger gets a Mohawk.

3. Peggy accidentally stabs her boyfriend in the middle of the night, thinking he is a burglar – then he breaks up with her in the ambulance van!

2. Megan wears a Macy’s t-shirt in her underwear.

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1. Don and Betty HOOK UP at Bobby’s camp!

See you next week!

[Photo Credit: AMC]