Wayment! Did Tiny Just Pop Up on T.I. While He Was Kicking It With Another Woman?

"She gon' have to get up outta here!"

On this season of T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, we the people will see our first glimpse of the Harris family living under two separate roofs, which is bound to cause some awkward moments. In this highlight clip, things get dicey when Tiny swings by their old house to drop Major and Heiress and Tip tries to keep Tiny from crossing paths with a lady friend that may or may not be laid up in their old bedroom.

Now, knowing T.I.'s rather sarcastic sense of humor, he may have alluded to another woman being in the house just to get under Tiny's skin. "Your momma's such a hater. She's trying to block my action," T.I. says while cuddling adorable baby Heiress. As T.I. is left on drool patrol, Tiny does some major investigating to see just who is laid up in her house.

From what the cameras captured, it appears she turned up nothing. But if she spot Tip's new chick, she sure knows how to keep her cool in front of the chil'ren.

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