Will Amanda Bynes Join 'Dancing with the Stars?'

This is not a drill.

If you aren't rooting for Amanda Bynes to get better after the tumultuous last few years, your soul — as in whether or not you have one — is questionable. The Gossip Table has learned that ABC is eying the 29-year-old for the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars this fall. We see a victorious comeback on the horizon.

“They want her!” a source told Hollywood Life. “She loves the show... She is in very, very loose discussions and absolutely nothing has been set in stone but as long as she is mentally stable, she is basically a lock for the next season.”

Amanda has phenomenal taste, reportedly wanting Derek Hough or Mark Ballas as her partner if she joins. The actress has stayed out of the spotlight over the last few months, so is this the right move if she's ready to reemerge in the public eye? Or is this just a sick joke that showrunners find humorous?

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