Is Fox Changing the Title of 'Empire'?

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Fox finds itself in the middle of a legal dispute over hit series Empire. You know that whatever happens, you're still going to be watching that ish when it comes back this fall (no, we're not sure about the exact return date, but here's to wishful thinking).

THR reports that the network is suing the company Empire Distribution Inc., which demanded the network pay $5 million and include artists that it represents as "regular guest stars." The California corporation is claiming rights to "Empire," "Empire Distribution," and "Empire Recordings," and trademark dilution by tarnishment from the series which featurs "a label run by a homophobic drug dealer prone to murdering his friends."

Do you think it's ridiculous that the show name may have to change? Or do you really not give AF and just want more Jamal in your life? Watch Nick Lachey and the Big Morning Buzz Live cast discuss the lawsuit above.

[Photo Credit: Fox]