"One Moment She Wants to Crawl In My Bed All Drunk, the Other Moment She Wants To F--ing Kill Me": Junior Is So Done With Lily

"I'm f--ing tired of being a punching bag for this woman."

Depending on the day, or the amount of drinks, Junior doesn't know which version of Lily he will get and he is fed tf up.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, a couples beach game is about to get started and Lily is already litty. Watching her slumped on the couch cuddled up with Kat, Junior is wondering how Charmaine expects them to be partners. They ain't fooling anyone; the whole 9 Mag crew heard Junior and Lily getting it in the night before. The first question is asked and all of a sudden Lily decides that she doesn't want to play, she hates Junior, and that she needs more tequila. Junior accepts that he has no choice but to be his own partner and Kat screams out how Jameson makes her hoo-hah giggle in response to the question asked. As they carry on laughing about all things sloppy toppy, Lily stumbles back onto the beach but takes a different seat.

To clear things up once and for all, Junior announces that whatever the two had is dead and he's not even down to play this game anymore. Ryan doesn't understand why shorty couldn't just play cordial but Lily --- at the moment --- feels Junior is a "b---h." The mood is killed, everyone is over it, all thanks to Lily.

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