"The Stank Girls Can't Come": Shaunie's Advice to Jackie On Allowing Girls Around Their Sons Is Straight Up Savage

This is warning to all the young women peeping on those Basketball Sons.

[mtvn_player height="288" width="512" content_uri=""]Jackie's the ultimate helicopter mom, so Shaunie helps her find a balance between hands-off and insane in this Basketball Wives bonus clip.

After Jackie tells Shaunie about the time she got caught spying on her son Dougie at the movies, Shaunie puts the image in her mind of Dougie sneaking off with some girl. Obviously too shook by even the thought of that, Jackie asks Shaunie for advice on how to handle it when girls are around her son.

Shaunie basically says she only lets the ones in the house that she likes, and talks mad trash to her sons' faces about the ones she doesn't like. As blunt as Jackie can be, we don't think she'll have an issue following through with Shaunie's suggestion.

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