Kelsie's Wondering Why Rasheeda's Trainer Is Out Here Fixing Light Bulbs in this Week's Check Yourself for 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta'

"Can he please go? Because if my daddy walks through this door, it's not going to be pretty."

Shirleen seems taken by him, Rasheeda seems to be smitten, but Kelsie is not having any of it.

In this week's Check Yourself for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Kelsie is wondering why this brolic man is walking up into Pressed with high-waters on to see her stepmother Rasheeda. He claims to be in the shop to fix the security cameras but Kelsie's first question is, "Why he gotta go way in the back to fix them cameras? The cameras are up there. What he need to see the monitors for?" That's not the only sus thing Kelsie has on her mind. "I'm just trying to figure out since when did trainers make house calls to fix lights?" Kelsie says adding, "Who is this? That ain't Kirk." Even the fact that the trainer had to get "bigger tools" when speaking about a screwdriver has Kelsie fed up. There's only one man Kelsie wants to see Rasheeda with and it's safe to say that Billy Blanks 2.0 ain't it.

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