Moments from Jon Stewart's Final 'Daily Show' Episode that Will Complete Your Life

You weren't really living before the #JonVoyage.

After almost 17 years of going in on the most prestigious(?) American political figures, Jon Stewart gave his final bow tonight as host of The Daily Show. As expected, J-Stew's last run was made epic thanks to a f---ton of surprise guests, including obviously, Darth Vader. We can't help but feel sad that he's kissing the Emmy Award-winning show, and us, goodbye, but tonight's event was worth all the feels.

The night was epic before it even began.

Phenom social media efforts over at TDS.

Oh, hey Aasif Mandvi, Al Madrigal, Kristen Schaal, Steve Carell, and more friends.

Channeling their inner correspondent.


Here's Larry Wilmore posted up since his show got bumped and all.

"Black shows matter, Jon."

Then Josh Gad and Rob Corddry showed up and BTW we're only 10 minutes in.

DHihoiahdaond what. is. happening??

Enter "Senior Evil Correspondent" Darth Vader.

Oh snap. Here's Jon's replacement taking office measurements and shiz.

Killing it, Trevor Noah.

Then came bae Olivia Munn followed by a montage including a shitload of people like John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

Ed Helms just sang I think.

And it was beautiful.

F---ing Elmo.

You would, Elmo.

Then came Jon's thank you message.

"I just want to thank everybody who lent their talent to this program. It meant the world."

Oh. Stephen Colbert and Jon just held hands.

Briefly, but we're still crying. Sam and Frodo <3

Then, Steve basically said f--- it to commercial break to make Jon and all of us weep with a relentless "Thank you."

"We owe you because we learn from you."

And boom. Jon calls out Drake and Meek's beef.

"Everyone told me that would make sense."

Leave it to Bruce Springsteen to close the end of an era.

Because 'Murica. And Jersey.

#JonVoyage, JS.

We'll miss you forever and ever.