VOTE NOW: Did K. Michelle Or Kylie Jenner Rock Highlighter Hair Better?

Who is the true lime green queen?

K. Michelle and Kylie Jenner are both known for the 1-2 switcharoo when it comes to their wig choices - and now they're in a straight up beauty battle since they both recently rocked a brighter than bright blunt cut bob. So whose neon 'do reigned supreme?

King Kylie had the internet going nuts with her sexy Coachella looks over the weekend. One of her most popular ensembles was a curve-hugging gold dress with an asymmetrical lime green wig. Of course, the internet decided to play a little game of "Who did it first" when someone pulled up a highlighter yellow bob K. Michelle rocked in early March.

K. Michelle was not at all shy about who she thought brought more life to the look. *Spoiler alert - it's her!*

"I like mine better.” she commented on a side by side post from Hollywood Unlocked.. “I do. Mine looks magical like I ride unicorns. #Culture I think she looks great, don’t get me wrong. I said what I said now hush.”

So who do we think is the true lime green queen? Cast your vote below!

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