5 Household Items You Can Use To Be Ariana Grande For Halloween

Why BUY an Ariana Grande costume when you can MAKE an Ariana Grande costume?

People flock to stores like Halloween Adventure every single year to buy costumes to wear on Halloweekend. The truth is, these costumes are usually unoriginal, overpriced, and not worth the long wait in line. Why buy a costume for $60 or more when you can just make it yourself on the cheap?

News flash: Halloween is commercial America's excuse to get you to buy stuff. So stick it to the man by using things that are already in your house to make your costume — you know, if you're into being economical and stuff. Here are five things that are probably lying around your house right now that you could use to transform yourself into Ariana Grande for Halloween.

Two cotton balls, four fake tattoos and POOF! You're a pint-sized pop queen.

Two cotton balls

Attach two cotton balls to your ears like Ari did in the above photo. Maybe glue the cotton balls onto a pair of dangly earrings, thus ruining them forever in the name of Halloween. Your choice.

White glue

Ari constantly sports white nails, so unless you want to look like an impostor, you'd better dig up some glue from the black hole that is your desk drawer. Put it on top of your nails and wait at least two hours for it to dry. Why pay for a manicure like Ari's when you can just put glue on your nails? For bonus points, put some on your face to mimic the decorative designs seen here!

A Sharpie

Draw Ari's half moon tattoo onto the left side of your neck, along with her three other ones in their respective places. Presto change-o! Everyone who sees these faux tats will immediately know who you're dressed as. Literally, everyone.

A hairband and/or a mop

Put your hair up in a half ponytail like Ari's using a hairband. If you can't put up your hair because you have none, use your household mop. You could run out and buy a wig, but again, we're talking household items. If you really want to get creative (and also happen to be hungry), you can boil some whole wheat noodles and fasten them to your head.

Safety pins, tape, gauze and toilet paper

Okay, this one is really gonna require some effort. Recreate this look of Ari's by wrapping gauze or toilet paper around your boobs several times over. Secure the gauze or TP with safety pins and/or glue (whichever one you feel will really do the job). Then, use some of the Elmer's glue you ruined your nails with and attach shredded pieces of gauze or TP to the bottom of the makeshift crop top you just made. Wrap the remaining gauze or TP around your waist and butt, securing it again with tape or safety pins.

Take a good look in the mirror. Are you Ariana or are you Ariana? Yup. You're Ariana all right.