Nikki and Barry's Verbal Blowout Leads to Her Being Fired on 'The Breaks'

"Get your ass out of here!"

Nikki Jones just can't seem to catch a break on The Breaks. (Sorry. That was just too tempting.) After a few hellish weeks, including David's death, things only get worse when Nikki's good friend and journalist, Damita, writes an incriminating article on Barry Fouray in The Village Voice. Not only was Nikki the one to push Barry to do the interview with Damita, the timing of the article couldn't be more unfortunate considering that he's already in the hot seat after a fatal shooting at Rex Boogie's show left four people dead.

We've seen things get heated between Nikki and Barry before, but this was as intense as ever. Feelings were definitely hurt in this argument.

What will happen to Nikki now? How will Barry get by without his star pupil? Check out the clip above.

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