The Drunkest Moments in Reality TV History

Making your college experience seem like church.

The beauty of reality TV, with all its many WTF moments, is that watching sloppy drunks embarrass their families onscreen makes you feel better about being a slightly less sloppy drunk. Plus, you get to shamelessly experience these boozy shit shows without enduring the painful hangover and/or call to your now ex. These poor drunkards may lose, but when you're watching them you never will. Get your drinking caps on and relive the booziest fights, tonsil hockey games, and public indecencies reality TV has so generously provided.

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That time when Snooki face-planted on the beach like a champ on Jersey Shore.


That time on Keeping Up with the Kardashians when Kim couldn't hang with the big dogs (her sisters).

And spent the night before a photo shoot in the toilet.

That time on Flavor of Love when Goldie couldn't hold her liquor.

Booze + Flavor Flav will do that to you.

That time on The Surreal Life when Verne Troyer drunkenly peed on the floor.

Haven't we all, though? Think college, guys.

That time when Khloe got drunk right before Kim and Kris Humphries' wedding.

Being all of us in that moment, and recognizing that one messy trainwreck deserves another.

That time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Kim Richards coined the iconic term "slut pig."

Directed at Brandi, obviously.

That time when Brandi Glanville, in life, always.

Ain't no rest for the wicked.

That time on The Real Housewives of New York when Sonja Morgan was about that YOLO life on the Atlantic City trip.

She knows it happened.

That time on America's Next Top Model when Shandi had a drunken cheating sesh on her BF.

She was just "caught up in, like, the sexual tension." I feel you, sister. I feel you.

That time on The Real World: Hawaii when Ruthie gave no fucks at all.

Breaking glass, passing out, and getting producers to come on camera and stop her from making extremely questionable life choices.

Bottoms up!