Must See TV: The 10 Most Unexpected Rock Star Sitcom Cameos In TV History

Rock stars are invading the small screen! We aren't sure what's in the air, but lately some legendary musicians have been popping up on prime-time TV shows. Just last week we were blown away when Prince appeared as a guest star on The New Girl (apparently he's a huge fan), and now we've got news that Wilco's Jeff Tweedy is set for a stint on Parks & Rec. This got us thinking about other times when worlds collided and our favorite music makers turned up on our favorite sitcoms. Sometimes it was pretty weird, but it always made for GREAT television. Read on for more!  10. The Doobie Brothers on What's Happening (1978)

This mid seventies sitcom about a group of teenagers growing up in the Watts section of L.A. has become mostly forgotten...were it not for this highly memorable (and hilariously random) cameo from the Doobie Brothers. The guys returned to their "former high school" to perform a concert.

9. Eddie Van Halen in Two and a Half Men (2009)

As Charlie Sheen's character rushes for the restroom he is devastated to find it occupied. But then the door opens and EVH emerges, complete with his guitar. That's enough to make anyone wet their pants!

8. Michael Stipe in The Adventures of Pete and Pete (1993)

The R.E.M. front man played the ice cream selling Captain Scrummy on this cult Nickelodeon show aimed at kids...and not-kids.

7. Iggy Pop in The Adventures of Pete and Pete (1993-1996)

Who's their booker!? Iggy Pop was a reoccurring guest star on the same show as the character Nona's father.

6. David Bowie in Extras (2007)

Things are looking up for Ricky Gervais' character Andy Millman when David Bowie calls him over to sit with him. But then things go south when the Thin White Duke makes up a song about what a giant loser he is, and gets the entire club to sing along.

Bonus points also go to Bowie for his unforgettable Christmas special apperance with Bing Crosby back in 1977.

5. Alice Cooper in Monk (2006)

4. Marilyn Manson in Californication (2013)

Manson appeared as himself on "The Dope Show" episode of this long-running Showtime hit.

3. Snoop Dogg in Just Shoot Me (2001)

Snoop Dogg (A.K.A. Snoop Lion) appeared as Dennis' (David Spade) new boss on the 'Finch in the Dogg House' episode of this NBC sitcom.

2. Bob Dylan in Dharma and Greg (1999)

Dylan appeared on the "Play Lady Play" episode of this award winning television series, which featured Dharma trying out to be his new drummer!

1. Ringo Starr as Mr. Conductor on Shining Time Station (1989-1990)

Technically this wasn't a cameo, but still: Why aren't we all still taking about the fact that a BEATLE starred as a magical miniature train conductor for a whole season!?

BONUS: Yoko Ono on Mad About You (1995)

Not a rock star, but this is pretty incredible.