14 Creative Ways to Find Love on the Internet

Give yourself as many chances as possible to find future bae.

Finding love has always been difficult. When and OKCupid came on the scene, it seemed like things were going to get a lot easier. That didn't happen. In many ways, the Internet has made finding love more difficult. Now you have so many terrible people with terrible opinions to weed through that you never would have met in the times before Wi-Fi. It is so much easier to waste time on meaningless hook-ups and mindless flirtations thanks to the Internet. But is it really easier to find love? Maybe finding love is never going to be easy.

If finding love is always going to be difficult no matter what, why not give yourself as many chances as possible to find Mr or Mrs. Right? The Internet may swallow us all whole one day, but until then maybe it can help you get a date. Here are 14 Creative Ways to Find Love On the Internet.

1. Online Dating Diversity

Swipe right. Flirt. Send regrettable sexts. Then meet up and actually date, which is the real hard part. Make sure you're exploring your options with as many dating apps as possible. And once it doesn't work out, all you have to do is block them on social media to cut them out of your life.

2. Slide into Their DMs

When you're feeling a connection with someone on Twitter or Instagram after a discussion of politics, sports, or whether or not a hotdog is a sandwich, the boldest among us take this as a cue to slide into the DMs. Yes, DMing is only for the bold. So if you are feeling those @ replies, then maybe it is time to take the plunge into those DMs, even if it could get you blocked.

3. Meetup Sites

Meet-ups helps find people who are into the same things you are, no matter how lame. There's a Meetup out there for everyone, even someone as weird as you.

4. Craigsliist

Craigslist is home to both the most charming and most repulsive way to connect online. For those who are into the kind of meet-cute moments of fate that propel romantic comedies, you can post a "missed connection." For those with more, shall we say, freaky tastes, you can just post a personal ad.

5. Find Your Long Lost Love on Facebook

It used to be that if you fell out of touch with your high school sweetheart, you had to spend the rest of your life thinking about what might have been. Thanks to Facebook, you no longer have to sit back and imagine what might have been, you can dredge up all of those old memories all over again.

6. Take More Online Quizzes

Figure out that if you were a Disney Princess you would be Mulan. Learn that your Union Civil War officer soul mate is William Tecumseh Sherman because your love burns like he burnt Atlanta. Take as many quizzes as possible, post the results to social media, and wait for some other lovelorn soul to decide that the Sorting Hat is the best way to sort out love.

7. Geolocate That Ass

This is for those of you with a crush that you just can't seem to cross paths with. Remember that "happening to show up" at a place that you know your crush is going to be doesn't count as stalking if they don't know about it. So, keep an eye on their Facebook and Yelp accounts. When they mention that they "just got to the bar after a long day of work" rush over for an "accidental meet-up." Sure, you'll have to take your Facebook stalking ways with you to the grave, but that's a small price to pay for everlasting love.

8. Invite Them To Play Stupid Little Games

Everybody hates being invited to play Facebook games, so here's a way to find out if one of your FB friends is sweating you as hard as you yearn for them. Invite them to play Farmville, CandyCrush, Clash of Clans, and whatever other terrible games that they pay celebrities way too much money to promote. If they accept that invite, then you know they will accept that "U up?" text after a few hours of building your farm or whatever else you do in those stupid games. I don't know, I don't play them.

9. AirBnB

Apparently, Air BnB owners and customers are using their extra room to cultivate a little extra boom. Of course, this could very easily come off as incredibly creepy, so proceed with caution. If it doesn't work out, you can spend the money you saved on a hotel on a strip club or phone sex hotline.

10. Go Viral

Everyday, some unbearable couple goes viral with a cheesy engagement video. Why not make a video designed to go viral with a flash mob or a marching band or some other corny-ass s--t, and at the end tell the world you did it for the special someone. If he/she accepts you've successfully found someone as crazy as yourself.

11. Non-Thirsty Instagram Comments

Instagram is a thirsty place. If you want to stand out from the crowd of people tossing off eggplant and tongue emojis all day long, simply avoid being thirsty. You might just be able to find love by being the only person who doesn't talk about sitting on that face.

12. Uber Everywhere

In the sharing economy, it is possible to share more than just rides. If you Uberpool twice a day you'll meet tons of new people every week. It's like speed dating and the other party doesn't know it is actually happening.

13. Make the Perfect Spotify Playlist

Romantic mixtapes have gone out of style because a. they are kind pathetic and b. no one owns tape players anymore. Thanks to Spotify, the second thing doesn't matter. With Spotify playlists you can make a mix for a theoretical love of your life and put it out there like bait on the end of a fish hook.

14. Tweet This

If all else fails, desperate times call for desperate measures. Just put it out there. What can it hurt?

Before you attempt one of these fool-proof moves, just check out the video below. Three women tested out new hot dating apps and the results were hilarious.