Amber Rose Tells Us Where to Find Dildo Island in This Deleted Scene From 'Hip Hop Squares'

Muva flexes her geography skills.

Amber Rose is commonly known for being a host, and an activist, but did you know she secretly has an eye for geography? In this deleted clip from Hip Hop Squares, Rose flexes her geography skills to help host DeRay Davis figure out where Dildo Island is.

"Y'all guys f**kced me with this sh*t!" Amber reacts. Of course, this opens up the door for countless sex jokes, which TIP takes full advantage of.

"Just like Dildo Island," the Atlanta rapper jokingly replies.

Amber tried to defend her failed location attempt, "I would have never said I had all A's in geography if I didn't think that it was really in Australia," but it might be too late for that. Her career as a geographer was short lived.

Watch the hilarious candid clip in its entirety in the video above, and tune in for more wild Hip Hop Squares moments on back to back episodes Monday March 20 at 9/8c on VH1.