Thanks to #GIFparty, the Internet Has Never Been So Lit

Everyone who is ANYONE is there.

Twitter is getting its life by promoting TF out of itself right now. If you haven't noticed its glorious new innovation, you can now add GIFs to any tweet with the latest GIF keyboard.

Genius and bril, Steve Jobs is clapping from the grave.

To promote the new feature, Twitter has started the #GIFparty and everyone is attending. Celebrities (like Ellen DeGeneres), brands (Domino's), shows (Game of Thrones), publications (VIBE); gang is all here.

Let's also give thanks for a new, hilarious distraction from 'Ye's profession trolling.


You know what time it is.

And you're pumped as all s--t.

Your virtual grand entrance is like:

And everyone greets your royalty like:

When you literally live for the GIF party.

And peasants try to join who aren't worthy.

By now you know better then to not pregame, in case this happens:

Also because there's that creepy guy who won't stop breathing on you.

You always have this last-minute savior, though:

Or this one:

When you're a little too enthusiastic about starting a game of pong:

And you know this is the real reason you came:

*The second real reason you came:

When you realize the weekend is upon you.

And then your boss assigns you to a new project.

What the end of your Saturday night entails:

Party on, peeps.