Is Suge Knight Confirming Who Killed Tupac?

New alleged details about the infamous shooting comes to light.

Update 04/06:

Suge Knight's ex-wife, Sharitha Golden, speaks out on the recent allegations about her contribution in the death of Tupac. In a video posted by TMZ, she states that "no way in hell would I have murdered Tupac." She reveals that she's been dealing with this "ridiculous theory" for years now, and that it's even affecting her children's social lives, one of whom is Suge's daughter.

She mentions that her kids had to deal with receiving negative comments about how her father killed Pac, and now they have to hear that their mom killed him. She's clearly fed up for having to deal with this issue for over 20 years and hints at pressing charges. Watch her video statement below.

Stay tuned as more information unfolds on this never-ending journey to find Tupac's murderer.

Original Post:

The on-going question about who killed Tupac Shakur is one of life's biggest mysteries. After 21 years of pointing fingers and wild conspiracy theories, we may have a strong lead thanks to a reported story involving Suge Knight.

According to Daily Mail, Suge's attorney Thaddeus Culpepper reveals in an affidavit that the hip hop mogul knows who killed the rap icon and that Suge himself was actually the intended target of the hit. Knight claims that his ex-wife Sharitha Knight and Death Row Records security chief Reggie Wright Jr were behind the infamous drive-by shooting to cease power of the label.

So why spill the beans now after two decades? Daily Mail reports that he decided to come clean about the shooters after hearing the salient points in the new documentary Tupac Assassination: Battle for Compton by director Richard Bond. The site claims that a sources close to Knight stated that "he [Suge] admitted to Culpepper that the theories in the movie were true," and matches his claims stated above.

Suge Knight's son took to Instagram to quickly shoot down the rumors. "This is terrible publicity stunt and these are the same ones that want to keep my father locked up, Suge Jr. claims. "Tryna Profit Off My Dads life is sick and he deserves his rights and freedom! They never mentioned him getting shot back then now they say this?"

So do we finally have a solid lead in arresting the culprits behind the unsolved murder of Tupac? Was Pac really just collateral damage behind an attempt to kill Suge Knight, or is this just another wild conspiracy?

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