Did Dutchess and Ceaser Just Break Up Because He Had A Secret Baby?

Talk about messy.

Over the weekend Sky of Black Ink Crew posted a Snapchat video with Ceaser celebrating his newfound freedom after allegedly breaking up with fiancée, Dutchess. Sky and Ted appear to toast up Cease as he begins his newly single life in this video captured by The Shade Room.

And, y'all know The Shade Roomates capture all the tea. In this video, Dutchess is seen shopping with a man who's not Ceaser, making us all wonder if she really is riding for dolo now.

Dutchess killed all that noise though when she commented under the post that the video seen above was just a promo and she knew she was being recorded and that the man in the video is not her new boo. Cease then used the opportunity to clear up the fact that there are rumors that he fathered a secret baby, which led to their breakup.

Although he denied this secret baby, Dutchess doesn't seem to be buying it. She posted this email of the same claims with a captioned "walking away emoji."

And she also wants everyone to know she's a boss and unbothered:

#tbh everything I got, I got it on my own! @pretty_n_ink704 is solely ME! Everybody got a check from Vh1, not just me. It's not my fault I decided to take my money and use it wisely. So when you come in these comments, come with f---ing facts. I got time today!

Guess we won't be seeing a wedding episode on the new season of Black Ink Crew. Secret babies? Broken off engagements? Lawd.