Kanye West Is Running For President Because Some Kid Yelled "Kanye For President" From The VMAs Audience

Oh really, now?

We can all thank a kid in the VMAs audience for Kanye West's presidential run in 2020.

While 'Ye was delivering his passionate acceptance speech for the Michael Jackson Vanguard Video Award, a kid from the crowd yelled out, "Kanye For President!"The rest in VMAs—and U.S.A.—history.

Many people, myself included, believed that 'Ye had been considering a decision of this magnitude for quite some time, and his announcement at the Video Music Awards was intentional. However, it looks like we're all sadly mistaken.

If you really pay attention to the tweeted clip, you even notice him pointing his hand in the direction of the kid that yelled it. Weirdly, it was like 'Ye was absorbing his energy or something.

At least Yeezus is a man of his word, though. When he told people to listen to the kids in his speech, he literally led by example.