Gigi Hadid Is Way Too Good to Allow People to Photoshop Her Moles As Much As They Do

Step 1: Take note from Cindy Crawford. Step 2: Embrace that ish. Step 3: Flourish.

When there isn't fat-shaming, or skinny-shaming, or skin-shaming, there's mole-shaming. Sort of.

Fans on Twitter are heated as per any given Tuesday in 2016, but this time for decent reason. People are starting to notice that the beautiful Gigi Hadid and her gorgeous body are being altered in nearly every single magazine, photo shoot and ad campaign. Gigi has dark brown moles over her face, torso and stomach--but for some odd reason, no one wants us to see them.

Here's what they really look like:

But this is what we see:

Fact is, Gigi is one of the hottest, most in-demand models right now. You've seen her walk the runways, clad in high-end fashion from designers like Marc Jacobs, Chanel and Michael Kors. As a Maybelline brand ambassador. On the cover of Vogue. In the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. She doesn't have to put up with this BS if she doesn't want to. Especially since we already know she doesn't f--k with body-shaming of any kind. (Remember when she served this epic realness?)

She's only 20, yet is smart, stunningly sexy, proven to be a strong role model and from the looks of it, already a smart businesswoman. These publications and brands need her more than she needs them. And using her for their benefit should mean using all of her. Beauty marks included. Because excluding them is hiding them, and in a way, shaming them.

Gi is already on fire, and if she took a stand like I know she is capable of, not only would her fire spread, but there would be no way anyone could put it out.