Charmaine Drunkenly Proposes to Her Boyfriend Neek In this 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' Highlight and Yes, She is Super Lit

Shorty is definitely like, 'You tryna marry me or nah?"

If you want something, go for it, which is exactly what Charmaine did. However, it may not have been the best look a few drinks in.

In this Black Ink Crew: Chicago highlight, a tipsy Charmaine takes over Nikki and Phor's pajammy jam to make an announcement. Everyone is extremely confused because Charmaine is just saying anything until she finally gets to her awkward point. She tells her boyfriend Neek how much she loves him and against her friends' better advice, she pulls out a Cartier ring. Waiting for your answer any day now, Neek.

Talk about awkward. Don't miss the season finale of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, next Wednesday at 9/8c followed by the season six premiere of Black Ink Crew!