Friday Face-Off: Boyz II Men Vs. 2Pac

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Mother's Day is Sunday! If you're like me, you're a big jerk who's taken the painful hours of labor that brought you into this world for granted, so you're running around getting a last minute card together that won't arrive until Monday. So catch your breath, and while you do, vote to tell us if 2Pac's or Boyz II Men's enviable heart-wrenching tribute to moms make you vow to do something more thoughtful (and on time) next year.

Team Makaveli


2Pac "Dear Mama" - The Hot 100 Billboard-charting single one of the rapper's most introspective emotional rhymes of his career and the video was almost a living mother's day card. Featuring his mother Afeni Shakur flipping through photo albums of her son, 2pac's verses detail their history together from birth to his then-imprisonment during the filming of the 1995 video. 2Pac flips "there's no way I can pay you back," but I'm pretty sure a platinum Top 10 hit showed her that he understood.

Team Soul Food


Boyz II Men "A Song For Mama" - It's fitting that the Boyz last Billboard Top 10 was in honor of the women that helped raise them into successful men. Try not to tear up with the minor chord harmonies as the foursome sincerely croon to the queen of their hearts, flash sad scenes from the movie Soul Food (see it!) and feature images of baby makers from around the globe. Awww!