Joseline Is Going Off on Twitter About How She's Going to Expose Stevie J With a Lie Detector Test

"Should I put out the lie detector test now! Or reunion?!"

Joseline Hernandez was uncharacteristically in her feelings on this week's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but don't think she's still crying over Stevie J.

In a series of Tweets, Joseline just made it clear she plans to expose Stevie at the reunion show, and what's the expression, Hell hath no fury like a Puerto Rican Princess scorned? Whether this is about his two new babies with other women or something else, Joseline went in.

In her Twitter annihilation, Joseline wrote, "Should I put out the lie detector test now! Or reunion?!"

But she didn't wait for her 1.07 million followers to give their answer. She continued, "These n---as be acting like they hard.... But get caught watching gay porn."

Then she said she'll put out all the stops. She Tweeted, "I'll wait to the reunion. And if vh1 won't play it. I will send it to all the blogs."

Then she started to pull out a seemingly literal receipt from a polygraph exam. She wrote, "When you go to the extreme to show that n---a you got him by the balls. Reunion anyone? Or should I drop it sooner?"

Then she punctuated her entire rant like only the baddest boosh could, writing, "Nothing can save you ????????????"

What do you think of Joseline's Twitter meltdown? Is she mad or nah?