EXCLUSIVE: Lou Reed's Ballot He Submitted For VH1's '100 Greatest Songs Of Rock And Roll'

Our rock and roll hearts are broken over the tragic passing of Lou Reed on Sunday. However, the loss sent us digging through our VH1 archives, and we've discovered a treasure: Lou's hand picked (and handwritten) choices for the eight greatest songs in rock history!

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Back in 1999, VH1 was putting together its list of the 100 Greatest Songs of Rock and Roll, the order of which were determined by taking a poll of esteemed musicians and music journalists. Naturally we approached Reed, who sent his choices back via fax. In true iconoclast form, instead of listing out his 100 favorite songs, he picked just eight. Like the man himself, his choices are eclectic, timeless, full of soul, and sound AWESOME when played loud. After all the great groundbreaking music he gave us, it's pretty cool to see what the great man liked to rock out to, himself. Check it out below!

1. "Stay With Me" by Lorraine Ellison

2. "Outcast" by Eddie and Ernie 

3. "Lovin' You Too Long" by Otis Redding

4. "River Deep Mountain High" by Ike & Tina Turner

5. + 6. "Georgia Boy" and "Belle" by Al Green

7. "That's Alright Mama" by Elvis Presley

8. "I Can't Stand The Rain" by Ann Peebles

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