These Black Women Bring the Comic Relief to Reality TV

We turn to them for laughter week after week.

Funny Black women have recently found a new space to make us all laugh - reality TV. It seems like a weird place for a funny woman to try to make a name for herself, but it makes so much sense.

Let's be clear, the drama on shows like Love & Hip Hop, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Bad Girls Club is thick. Breaking the tension with some jokes and sassy shade is much needed comic relief. And we can rely on women like Tiffany Pollard (I Love New York), Nene Leakes and Sky from Black Ink Crew to deliver hilarious one-liner responses in confessions or after some drama has popped off. Here are some of the funniest women who make our favorite guilty pleasures that much more enjoyable.

Cardi B

Say what you want about about Love & Hip Hop star Cardi B, but she's undeniably funny. Her recent contributions to the pop culture lexicon like "foreva" and "regular degular shmegular girl" have inspired countless memes and a song.

Tami Roman

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This Basketball Wives star keeps it 1000 at every turn, which keeps us laughing throughout all the drama on the show. Tami's wicked shade and hilarious expressions are present whether it's clapping back at a rival or hosting her popular Instagram series Bonnet Chronicles.

Joseline Hernandez

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She's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's baddest puta, and easily one of the funniest reality stars ever. Confessional time with the Puerto Rican Princess is filled with classic one-liners and savage reads of her foes. At the end of the day we're all here for viral gems she's given us like her epic shut down "I don't talk to the help."

Nene Leakes

She's the queen of shade on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Though Kenya Moore (more on her later) might disagree, few of her RHOA castmates have been able to match her wit over the years. If you need a quick clapback just goggle her name and you'll be armed with an arsenal of witty GIFs and memes. Here's a few personal favorites, "I said what I said" and "So nasty and so rude."

Natalie Nunn

Bad Girls Club standout Natalie Nunn isn't afraid to speak up when faced with a challenge and she has reads for days that'll have you howling.

Tanisha Thomas

Even if you haven't seen an episode of Bad Girls Club you've seen Tanisha's iconic pan banging moment. This viral video above has been turned into countless GIFs and memes throughout the years and it still leaves us in tears. This is reality TV at it's best.

Kenya Moore

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is "gone with the wind fabulous" and pretty damn funny too. Her classic battles with castmates Nene Leakes and Porsha Stewart has given us wig snatching moments like "Don't come for me unless I send for you."

Jackie Christie

This Basketball Wives star has many sides: Jackie the Diva, Jackie the Realest, Jackie the Fashionista, etc. No matter what Jackie we get each week, she has created countless funny reality TV gold moments.

Tiffany Pollard

From the moment we met her as New York on VH1's Flavor of Love, Tiffany Pollard has hands down been the most GIFs giving reality star we know. Her funny expressions and timeless shade has lived up to her title as the HBIC.


Funny, loud, and lovable but don't get it twisted, this Black Ink Crew star has no problem snatching off her own wig to get it poppin if need be- Meek Mill braids and all.

VH1's newest documentary is all about Black women in comedy. Check it out if you haven't seen it already.