Tyga Aces a Tricky Question About Teyana Taylor's 'My Super Sweet 16' on 'Hip Hop Squares'

Trust Mr. Rack City on this one.

Do you remember Teyana Taylor’s episode of My Super Sweet 16? Well Tyga surely does. After his square was chosen by celebrity contestant Romeo during one of tonight's episodes of Hip Hop Squares, the West Coast rapper gets a question asking him to choose which outfit Teyana wore during her grand entrance to her sweet 16. He either has a very good memory, or is secretly a huge fan of My Super Sweet 16, because without hesitation he delivers the correct answer.

The same amount of time it took him to answer, Romeo was already hitting the disagree button. Sadly, for Master P's son, Mr. Rack City was correct. What lesson have you learned today? When it comes to MTV shows trivia, trust Tyga.

Watch the full highlight for the show above, and don't miss new episodes of Hip Hop Squares Monday March 20 at 9/8c on VH1.